Sunday, March 1, 2009


I'm still reading Wicked and enjoying it but it isn't a book you can read fast. I'm almost finished listening to Deep Lie. I've enjoyed this one but not as much as some of his other books.
I was going to work on my quilts yesterday but I ended up working in my Dad's yard instead. I decided to rake up all the dead weeds that were in what used to be his garden. I had to prune a tree, chop some weeds, and cut out a bunch of sticker bushes that are trying to take over. What a mess! It looks much better now. I didn't realize until I got home that I had gotten sunburned! Ouch! I was too tired to work on any quilting and fell asleep watching TV.
I am making progress on Nate's I Spy quilt. I got another row quilted and started on the next. The squares for my quilted purse are still sitting on the table. I got up this morning and decided I needed to get some cleaning done instead of quilting. Sad, huh?!? Maybe I can work on them this afternoon.
I started some seeds last week and they're already coming up! I want an herb garden and can't find any plants at the stores. I was going to prune my rose bushes today but it's windy and I think I had enough sun yesterday. I did find some flowers blooming. Aren't they pretty?!?

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