Friday, March 13, 2009

What a beautiful day! I actually sat outside and read for a little while.

The moon was huge on Tuesday. My camera doesn't do it justice! It had a beautiful gold color to it.

Monday I planted 3 pineapple sage, 6 snapdragons, an African daisy, 2 lemon thyme, a peppermint geranium, and 2 lavendar plants in pots. I'm afraid to plant them in the garden yet since it will probably freeze again before it gets hot. Here are some pictures!

I'm almost finished reading Wicked and I started three other books - An Irish Country Doctor (very funny), Capirotada (the 2009 One Book AZ book), and I'm listening to The Adventures of Benjamin Bartholomew Piff (a children's book about wishes). And I have at several more on the shelf waiting!

Since I have the day off, I have plans to work on my quilted purse and figure out how the WII Fit works. We'll see if I get that far! I might just go back outside and read while the weather is nice!

I'm still plugging along on Nate's quilt.
I'm getting closer!
It's time to get busy!

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