Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wow! I've added some new widgets and quilt pictures to my blog. I need to learn how to make my pictures look better but for now they'll have to do.

My miniature rose bloomed!

I found this link on another blog.
It's amazing the things people can do with a computer!
I just finished reading The Presence by Heather Graham. It was a good read, a little slow in places but I enjoyed it. I still like Ghost Walk the best.
I also read Death Swatch by Laura Childs. I love this series! I seem to like books about New Orleans.
I finished the applique work on my second snowpeople wall hanging. I need to get off this computer and get busy sewing the borders on so I can get it quilted, bound and finished!
I'm going with some friends to the quilt shop tomorrow. We're going to make a quilt like the North Pole Village (picture below) only this one will have a different theme. I'm excited about starting a new project!
I'm off to quilt!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

It's already February and things just keep going full steam ahead! It would be nice if everything would just slow down and coast just for a little while. Oh well, what can we do?
We went to the Renaissance Festival yesterday. It was fun. Not as crowded as when we went last time. Don't you just love the tree man?!?

The grandkids loved the dragon slide and of course we went to the Don Juan and Miguel show. Those guys are hilarious!
I bought a new charm for my necklace at Uncommon Adornments - a baby dragon with a peridot stone. He's cute with his little toes!

Nate bought a cool dragon necklace, Missy bought a butterfly wand and Kenny bought a shot glass, some cinnamon almonds and a cool dragon tshirt. The kids also got their picture taken with the pretty fairy.
Well, I'm off and running again. Never a dull moment!!!