Friday, April 23, 2010

I finished reading Fantasy in Death and finished listening to Apple Turnover Murder.  Great books!  Now I'm listening to James Patterson's Worst Case and reading Stella Cameron's Out of Body and M. J. Rose's The Memorist.
I got one more quilt block done.
Here are some more pictures of the flowers in the yard.  The petunias have been blooming all winter long and are starting to fizzle out now.

I love geraniums!!!  The pink one is a peppermint geranium.

These are one of the miniature rose bushes.

These are from the big rose bush in the front of the house.  They smell great!

This bush is full of blooms!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I have two more blocks done on my hand pieced quilt.

And two more on the Moosequilt Jelly Roll Sampler.

Not much work going into the quilts since I've been working in the yard and playing with the puppy.
This picture doesn't do my Iris justice and of course you won't be able to smell the gorgeous scent.  I need to get some pictures of my roses.  They're blooming like crazy!

Here's another picture of Jessi.  She's really turning out to be a good dog for us.

I'm enjoying J.D. Robb's Fantasy in Death and listening to Joanna Fluke's Apple Turnover Murder.  My allergies have been so bad, working in the yard doesn't help, that everything has slowed down.  Hopefully we'll get some rain to settle down the pollen and dust.  We can hope anyway!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I got some more blocks done on the hand pieced quilt.

A friend told our quilting group about the Jelly Roll Sampler at  Oh what fun!  Walmart had some jelly rolls on sale so I got 2 and I'm making 2 quilts with them.  Both are batiks and I'm really enjoying how fast and easy they are going together. I can't wait till the next block is up!      
We have a dog.  Her name is Princess but we're changing it to Jessi.  She's six months old and a chihuahua/dachsund mix.  We'll see how we get along.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The trip to Vegas was fast and furious but lots of fun.  We got into town on Thursday night right in the middle of a nasty dirt storm!  It blew off a sliding door at Excalibur, destroyed a hot air balloon and knocked out the power to one of the monorail tracks.  I don't know what otherI damage was done. 
I wasn't feeling very good (sinus headache) the next morning at the quilt show but I enjoyed looking at everything.  I ordered the CD with pictures of all the quilts but it hasn't come yet.  If I lived in Vegas, I could join the doll club!  I haven't made a doll in a long, long time!
We rode the new monorail from Monte Carlo to Bellagio.

We got some yummy cupcakes at the Cupcakery at Monte Carlo.  I got chocolate, of course, and my husband got a strawberry shortcake one.  I wish I had gotten the one that was Bubbly Champagne buttercreme frosting on raspberry cake.  Next trip for sure!
We saw the largest chocolate fountain in the world at Bellagio and their cakes were awesome!

The cakes at Aria were amazing too!

The Bellagio Conservatory was awesome!!!  We're used to seeing it in the fall with the big water wheel and all the chrysanthemums so it was nice to see it during a different season.

Can't wait till we go back in September!!!