Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm bad! I had to put the other books I'm reading aside. J.D. Robb's new book Promises in Death came in to the library and I just had to read it! It's very good! I just love Eve's reactions to everything! What a ride! Wouldn't you just love to be able to zip up into the air and get around traffic! I have gotten behind so many slooooow people this week. Can't they just at least go the speed limit?!?!
I love her reaction to Mavis's baby too! Hilarious! It's amazing how she can keep coming up with new stories! I think this is #37! Her next comes out in November Kindred in Death and then The Lost Anthology comes out in December. I need to add them to my Shelfari list so I don't forget!
I need to go work in the garden. I have been waiting to rake out the rest of the leaves cause I thought I might freeze again but the weather has been so warm and the roses are starting to bud out so I might as well get it over with. I need to get a Farmer's Almanac to see if it's okay to go ahead and plant my lavender in the flower bed or if I should plant it in a pot for now.
I also bought a honeysuckle and another rosemary bush for my Dad's house and I'd like to get them planted too.
The grass has been so bare the last few years. I need to water it more but we're supposed to conserve water. How can you win? Maybe I need to work some manure into the soil. Won't my neighbors love me?!? The horse manure I worked into the flower beds was very good for the soil and the plants and the grass that loves to grow there (where I don't want it) instead of where I do want it.
No pictures this time but my pineapple sage is starting to bloom and my miniature rose has another bud on it. Oh, I bought some red salvia plants. The leaves are so pretty and I love the red color next to the green leaves. I might buy some blue ones next time I go to town. They're supposed to be good in the sun.
I'm going to be making costumes for two of my grandkids today. One needs to be a walnut and the other needs to be an owl in their school program. We picked out the fabric yesterday. It's going to be an adventure, I'm sure!
Well, I guess I better get to work!

Friday, March 13, 2009

What a beautiful day! I actually sat outside and read for a little while.

The moon was huge on Tuesday. My camera doesn't do it justice! It had a beautiful gold color to it.

Monday I planted 3 pineapple sage, 6 snapdragons, an African daisy, 2 lemon thyme, a peppermint geranium, and 2 lavendar plants in pots. I'm afraid to plant them in the garden yet since it will probably freeze again before it gets hot. Here are some pictures!

I'm almost finished reading Wicked and I started three other books - An Irish Country Doctor (very funny), Capirotada (the 2009 One Book AZ book), and I'm listening to The Adventures of Benjamin Bartholomew Piff (a children's book about wishes). And I have at several more on the shelf waiting!

Since I have the day off, I have plans to work on my quilted purse and figure out how the WII Fit works. We'll see if I get that far! I might just go back outside and read while the weather is nice!

I'm still plugging along on Nate's quilt.
I'm getting closer!
It's time to get busy!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I'm still reading Wicked and enjoying it but it isn't a book you can read fast. I'm almost finished listening to Deep Lie. I've enjoyed this one but not as much as some of his other books.
I was going to work on my quilts yesterday but I ended up working in my Dad's yard instead. I decided to rake up all the dead weeds that were in what used to be his garden. I had to prune a tree, chop some weeds, and cut out a bunch of sticker bushes that are trying to take over. What a mess! It looks much better now. I didn't realize until I got home that I had gotten sunburned! Ouch! I was too tired to work on any quilting and fell asleep watching TV.
I am making progress on Nate's I Spy quilt. I got another row quilted and started on the next. The squares for my quilted purse are still sitting on the table. I got up this morning and decided I needed to get some cleaning done instead of quilting. Sad, huh?!? Maybe I can work on them this afternoon.
I started some seeds last week and they're already coming up! I want an herb garden and can't find any plants at the stores. I was going to prune my rose bushes today but it's windy and I think I had enough sun yesterday. I did find some flowers blooming. Aren't they pretty?!?