Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I've been away from my blog for a looong time! I need to get some of the cool pictures from my camera on here!
There's been so much going on! Last month a bunch of us went to a Diamondbacks game and saw Montgomery Gentry and got a Gonzo tshirt.
This weekend found us in the ER twice! My grandkids were horsing around and my grandson fell on the hardwood floor and hurt his thumb. They sent him home with a brace on his hand and two days later called and said it was broken and to bring him in for a splint. Crazy!!!
Some friends invited me to go to the Gem show in Tucson Thursday. I've never been to one so it will be another first.
We're gearing up for our vacation trip to Vegas. Can't wait! I am so ready for a vacation! We've got tickets to see Cher again. Hopefully she won't get sick and cancel this time. We also want to try the new CSI experience at MGM.
When we get back I'm having a Dove Chocolate tasting party. Have you ever had chocolate martinis? They're yummy!!!! I'm definitely a chocoholic!
As far as my quilting goes, Nate's quilt is on hold again. I've been working on a Christmas applique table runner that I'm using to teach at the quilt retreat next month. The little houses came out cute and so did Santa and the reindeer and tree. I'm working on a star block now. Uploading these pictures is a pain!  The little house picture keeps turning sideways and I can't get the others to move where I want them.  Is anyone else having this much trouble?  I don't have time to mess with them anymore!  It's time to get busy on my quilt!!!

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