Thursday, July 12, 2012

Several weeks ago I started walking the dogs out at Discovery Park early in the morning before it gets too hot. It’s a nice walk, we start at the Glen Meadows Park and walk a little over 1 ½ miles round trip. We usually see cottontails, jack rabbits and quail and I’ve seen snake tracks a few times but luckily no snakes yet. There are frogs and a duck and for a while, there was a crane, in the pond. There is also a family of Long Eared owls. I almost always see at least one of them in the cottonwoods by the benches where we stop for a drink of water. We’ve even seen javelina on Sunday evenings when we take the grandkids out for a walk.

So today, I was walking along looking out at the dead tree in the pond to see if one of the owls is there when I hear a loud CRACK! I look at the trees up ahead of me and see a branch falling out of one of the cottonwoods at the side of the pond. Then I hear a weird sound that ended up being a bear sliding out of the tree. It hit the ground and took off running like its tail was on fire! Thankfully in the opposite direction! Wow! He was so fast I didn’t have time to take a picture! What an adventure!

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